Founded by independent filmmakers Joe Shaffer and Adam DeSantes, Star Atlas strives to use inspired visuals, sound, and editing to passionately tell stories that do more than just entertain.


Adam and Joe met in an improv group in 2011, and have been collaborating ever since on over a dozen short films, a feature, and many other creative projects. Both from Madison, WI, the two have bonded over a shared  passion for film and storytelling.

Adam DeSantes


Adam is a film and psychology student at Wesleyan University. Working with Joe Shaffer, he recently produced the independent feature Calliope. Before that, he produced over 15 short films, including “Tag, You’re Id,” “The Collective,” and “There’s Still a Chance?” which received Gold Keys at the Scholastic Art Competition and screened at multiple film festivals. An actor as well, he has been involved in numerous theater productions in both Wisconsin and Connecticut.

Joe Shaffer


Joe is a film student at New York University. His films have screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, L.A. Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, and Sarasota Film Festival. His short film “The Searcher” won the top prize for Wisconsin filmmakers at the Wisconsin Film Festival, making him the youngest person ever to win in this adult category. Joe has contributed articles and videos to Isthmus, Madison’s alternative weekly newspaper, and personal essays to Wisconsin Public Radio.